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Healing Hands Exchange

Beverly Hodge

LMT, MMP MT041008

"Behold...He Makes All Things New"

I graduated from the Texas Massage Institute in Fort Worth TX. I have 17 years of 

professional experience in Massage Therapy and Pain Relief. My passion is in helping my clients to heal in a physical as well as a spiritual manner. I am a Spirit filled Christian woman and believe whole-heartedly in the healing power of God.

I pray for every client that I put on my table so if I personally work on you be expecting a heavenly experience because sometimes...the Holy Spirit shows up in my sessions. I love what I do and I feel that makes a lot of difference. I worked with and trained under a great Chiropractor for over a year and learned many pain relief techniques.

 I am certified in:

*Swedish Massage,

*Therapeutic Massage

*Deep Tissue Massage,

*Geriatric Massage/Quality Care Massage,

*Myofascial Release,

*Trigger Point and Pain Therapy, (including ROM and joint therapy)

*Frozen Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Release Therapy

*Reflexology, (hands and feet)

*Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage, (including infant massage)

*Neuromuscular Release, (including Sciatic issues)

*Rhythmic Touch Massage,

*Medical Massage, (including cancer patients)

*Lymphatic Drainage, (180 hrs Certification)

*Sports Stretch Therapy

*Migrain Therapy and relief

*Myoskeletal Alignment and Body Work

If you are dealing with any type of physical pain from the head to the feet I can help you to heal and to manage the pain.

I work on children and patients dealing with Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Cerebral Palsy, MS, MD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Dementia and Parkinson's disease. I also work with Disability Services of the South West (DSSW) if they are paying for your care. If you are dealing with any type of physical pain, please come see me. I would love to help you begin your journey to healing. I will see you soon. Until we meet.....Be Blessed My Friend!

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Mary Jones Burch



"With God all things are possible"

I graduated from ATI Training Center in North Richland Hills in 2012. I have attended college since 2008 and received my degree in December 2014. I have studied psychology, physical therapy and medical biology. Most recent I have completed 72 credit hours to become a certified Medical Massage Therapist.

I am a Christian and through God, my path has brought me to Granbury Massage and Wellness. I am a wife and mother of three terrific sons. My youngest has cerebral palsy, making him a spastic quadriplegic. I have seen how God has used the hands of a massage therapist to help my son live a more comfortable life.

Following the path that God has laid for me and listening to encouragement from my husband and sons, I am here to pay it forward, the love and inspiration I have received.  

I am certified in:

*Medical Massage

*Swedish Massage

*Therapeutic Massage

*Deep Tissue Massage

*Trigger Point Therapy

*Geriatric Massage

*Trauma Touch Therapy

*Myofascial Release

*Quality Care/ Terminally ill

*Frozen Shoulder Release

*Lymphatic Drainage

*Pregnancy/Postpartum (including infant)

*Sports Therapy and Stretching

*Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique SMRT.

*Migraine Therapy and releif.

 I work with children and adults who, are dealing with cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimers, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, Scoliosis and Lordosis. I have learned to incorporate many modalities into a relaxing therapeutic massage. I use techniques that span the entire world. In addition to massage, I also offer therapeutic exercise classes in our facility. I am certified in Equine Sport Massage Therapy. I welcome the chance to service both the horse and rider.                 

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