Why Should I get a Massage?

In this day and time it is no secret that just about everything under the sun causes us to have some type of stress related illness, not to mention that as we age our bodies are put through some grueling daily activities that wreak havoc on our well being.

Research has proven that massage therapy can relieve symptoms and in most cases promote cures. Disease conditions can be eased, corrected or reversed by supporting the body's natural curative powers, putting you back into a natural balance and state of ease, therefore lessening your chance of getting sick.

Massage isn't just about pampering yourself, it's about taking care of yourself.

For centuries countries all over the world have known massage to be a medical practice. It has been used as a mode of treatment for many ailments and to restore health and vigor to the systems of the body. As a result, more and more people are rediscovering the long term therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.

Of course you feel relaxed after a massage, like a new person sometimes, but did you ever wonder why? What exactly is going on inside that makes you feel so great?

When you receive a massage wonderful things start happening.

Toxins build up in our muscles over time, it's not just our liver and kidneys that take the fall when we don't take care of ourselves, it's our whole body. Massage breaks up those toxins and releases them so your body can flush them out, always make sure to drink plenty of water after a massage to help with this process.

Our bodies have the amazing ability to regenerate damaged tissue, fight off infection and protect itself against harmful attacks from disease causing germs. The immune system is just one of the many systems in the body designed to identify and help correct a problem within the body. Stress is one of the biggest culprits in lowering our immune systems.

How can massage help me?.

Massage relieves stress, improves skin tone, muscle tone, aides in good blood circulation, improves mental clarity, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep patterns, normalizes blood pressures, increases range of motion, helps injuries heal faster, helps support a healthy digestion, acts as a mechanical cleanser flushing toxins from the body and so much more!

This is just the beginning of a long list of beneficial effects that massage has upon the mind, body and spirit. If you have never experienced massage, I want to encourage you to try it. You will be so impressed by the many therapeutic benefits that you will look forward to scheduling your massage visits as a vital routine maintenance for staying healthy!

What can I expect when

I get a massage?

When You come into Granbury Massage and Wellness to get a massage we will give you a health intake form to fill out. This will take just a few short minutes and it helps us to be able to know how to work on you according to your needs. It also allows us to be able to extend to you certain discounts and promotions, not to mention it is state required before we can work on you.

You will have a short interview with your Therapist in a private Christian environment. You will be given an explanation of what kind of work we will perform on you and what you can expect to happen. Your modesty is completely protected here and you will be draped or covered at all times. If you are not comfortable removing your clothing for a massage you may leave them on and we will work through them, or you may bring something comfortable like shorts or sweats or even a swim suit to wear. Your comfort and modesty are very important to us.

If you ever have a concern or a question, please feel free to discuss it with your Therapist. If you have been given a great massage then we appreciate when you tell others.

We have a great referral program here that nets you free massages if you participate.

If you did not get what you had expected, please let us know and we will work with you to help you on your way to becoming a very satisfied client. You can work with each of our Therapists and chose the one best suited for your personal health needs.

This is a Christian Environment and you will see that when you come in. Some of our Therapists will actually pray for you while you are being worked on.

For a 1 hour massage, you can expect to be with us for about 75 minutes.

All of our massages are therapeutic in nature and NON-SEXUAL. If you come in looking for anything else, you will be prayed for and escorted out.

We hope to see you soon!